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Contextual advertising - a graphic or text ad, displayed in the top or side of the search results, as well as some other sites. Although, speaking of this type of advertising, in most cases it is intended to be placed in Yandex or Google.

Depending on where the ad is located, you can divide them into 2 main types:

  • Search engines are formed by queries (words and phrases) for which users search for information. They are placed above the search results, are a text ad.
  • Thematic - can be in the form of a banner, offering a narrowly targeted goods or services. For example, on the website of booking hotels in a particular country / city to place information about apartments.
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Features and benefits of contextual advertising

Despite the fact that contextual advertising is quite an effective tool, it is not recommended to use it everywhere. It is simply necessary in the following cases:

  • When conducting an advertising campaign to announce the future event, to attract attention to it.
  • Market launch of a new product or service. The appearance at the top of the search results of the corresponding mention attracts potential customers to it, increasing sales.
  • Website promotion, ensuring its primary traffic. This allows you to increase the number of users in a short period of time.

Also, contextual advertising is sometimes used as a test for semantic core, identifying the most promising queries.

This type of online advertisements is suitable for almost any type of business: selling trainings, courses, accounting, SEO services, restaurants and cafes, online stores offering home appliances, clothing, non-food items, car dealerships and much more.

Benefits of contextual advertising

The popularity of this type of ads is due to these advantages:

  • Payment is generated for clicks, i.e. real site visitors, not for the shows. At the same time, the price for such a transition is set in advance, so it’s enough just to calculate the budget of the campaign.
  • Quick start. If you need a quick start, you can select a limited number of search phrases, create ads for them and run a campaign.
  • High targeting. You can customize your shows in such a way that they will be displayed to users who are within a radius of up to 1 km from the starting point, for example, a shop, cafe, restaurant.
  • You can set any duration, even from one day. You can also stop a campaign at any stage.

What do we offer to customers?

Despite the seeming simplicity, the effectiveness of such an advertising campaign depends on the correctness of the settings and preparation. Turning to us, customers receive the following list of services:

  • the formation and selection of the semantic core, which will be carried out;
  • creating ads with the specifics of the customer, excluding stop words;
  • determining the optimal cost per campaign, coverage and overall budget of the campaign;
  • settings of impressions in Yandex.Direct or Google with indication of all necessary parameters;
  • control over the course of the campaign, timely making adjustments to improve the success of contextual advertising.

We have a great experience in launching such ads, providing high traffic to the target audience on the site. We guarantee the achievement of our goals.

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