Online store of children's clothes "Moda dlya detey"

The online store for children's clothing "Fashion for Children" is selling products of different brands for age groups from 0+ and older.

The task:

change the existing site, adding functionality to it;
subsequent promotion of the resource in order to bring it to the TOP in the search results in Yekaterinburg;
placement of contextual advertising;
promotion of an online store in social networks.
Deadline: September 2018.

Project implementation
Work on the project was carried out in several stages:

Site creation:
Analysis of the competitive environment, evaluation of the existing site in order to identify strengths and weaknesses.
Development of the concept of the future online store. Preparation of a multi-stage structure that allows a potential buyer to quickly find the right product.
Preparation of several design options. At the core is minimalism, no overload with graphic elements.
Further development of the functional: in addition to the standard sales functions, the site was supplemented with a blog with useful information on the selection of children's clothing, customer reviews about the store and products.
Preparation of information and commercial content.
Creating an adaptive version for mobile gadgets.
SEO promotion, contextual advertising:
Internal optimization. It was carried out simultaneously with the creation of pages: control of the absence of technical errors, filling in all the necessary elements.
Preparing a semantic core, identifying promising key phrases that were promoted (used in the preparation of content).
Placement of contextual advertising: the selection of appropriate key phrases, writing ads, determining the optimal budget, monitoring performance.
creating company accounts in the most promising social networks;
filling in product catalogs;
creation and placement of targeted advertising.
The project involved the following experts: analyst, marketer, designer, web programmer, copywriter, SEO optimizer, SMM developer, contextual advertising tuner.

Project results
After the changes and related work on the promotion and popularization of the online store, the following results were achieved:

increase site traffic by 47%;
a 53% increase in conversion;
the time spent on the site by one unique visitor increased by 72%.
Given the fact that this market is highly competitive, we managed to achieve high results.

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