Mir Ledokhodov

«Mir Ledokhodov» – company selling shoe ice snow grips. Provides a wide range of products for different segments of users (from domestic to professional use).

The task: the creation of the site "turnkey", including work on the formation of graphic content.

Deadline: November 2018.

Project implementation
In the process of performing the task, the following works were implemented:

analysis of competitors and target audience, its division into relevant groups;
the development of a structure that allows each representative of a specific niche to select the necessary goods;
creating bright minimalistic design;
preparation of text content for product cards and information blocks;
carrying out subject photography with the subsequent use of prepared and processed photographs in the content of the online store (retouching, color correction);
making layout for desktop and mobile versions of the site.
The following specialists worked on the project: analyst, marketer, designer, photographer, web programmer.

Project results
After placing the site on a hosting the following results were obtained:

on average, on each page a visitor spends 3.5 minutes;
conversion is 21-27%;
unique user visits 4.5 pages.
In developing the site, preparatory work was carried out for the subsequent promotion of the resource.

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