Hotel "Bolshoi Ural"

The Bolshoi Ural Hotel is a complex that includes an economy class hotel in the center of Yekaterinburg, as well as a hostel.

The task: to create a permanent website for the sale of rooms and services in the hotel, SEO-promotion of the resource - output in the TOP-5 search results with reference to the geo-location. At the same time, the project budget and deadlines were strictly limited.

Additionally ordered IT-outsourcing service.

Project implementation
An analyst, marketer, designer, web programmer, optimizer, and copywriter were involved in the project. They performed the following activities:

identification of the target audience, its needs;
analysis of competitor sites to highlight strengths and weaknesses, develop a concept;
creation of minimalist page design, simple structure;
introduction of additional functionality (3D-tour, online booking);
selection of key phrases for which promotion was carried out;
composing content using phrases from the semantic core;
testing of the resource for the absence of technical errors, duplicate pages, the correct operation of error 404, the presence of filled meta tags;
external optimization.
Project results
During the period established by the client, the site began its work. 2 months after the SEO promotion, the following results were obtained:

stable daily traffic to the site is 440 unique users;
daily booking of rooms;
The site for low and mid-range queries is in the TOP-10.
We have fully invested in this budget, we managed to achieve the goals set by the client. Thanks to IT outsourcing, the quality of services provided has improved.

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