Комплекс апартаментов «Артек»

Apartment complex "Artek" sells apartments of high comfort.

The task: to create a website for the sale of apartments and studios, to finalize and implement the functionality of the resource (loan calculator), to take in the search engines position in the TOP-5, the complex promotion in social networks.

Project implementation
To solve the tasks, all the works were divided into 3 stages:

Site creation:
Analysis of the market situation, competitor sites. On the basis of the data obtained, a concept was developed on how to separate from other resources, it is advantageous to present the client's proposals.
Design and structure development. Used 3D-images for visualization.
Content creation for pages of a commercial and informational site using the generated semantic core.
Refinement of the functionality: the introduction of a loan calculator to calculate various payment options (mortgage through a bank, Trade-in program, installment plan), a webcam, switching to pages on social networks.
Creating an adaptive version for mobile gadgets.
SEO promotion:
control of the absence of technical errors;
filling in the necessary for the promotion of elements of each page (meta tags, "bread crumbs");
placement of internal relink.
selection of social networks with a suitable target audience;
creation of company profiles, their completion and maintenance;
creation and placement of targeted advertising;
placement of banners.
The project was implemented by the team, which included an analyst, designer, marketer, web programmers, layout designers, optimizers, and social networking specialists.

Project results
As a result of the work performed, the following results were obtained:

stable traffic to the site of potential customers;
Regular sales using the site (creating orders, making a purchase decision - contact the sales department to sign a contract);
increasing knowledge of the complex;
creating a loyal audience.
With the help of the developed site and other works, it was possible to attract the necessary investments.

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