Центр оздоровительных практик Аквасказка

The Aquaskazka Wellness Practice Center specializes in methods of teaching swimming to young children (from 3 years). Services include group and individual classes, family holidays, and work with children with disabilities.

The task: to create a website that informs and sells the services of the Center, prepare a resource for SEO promotion, bring it to the TOP-10 search results for medium and low frequency queries with geo-referencing.

Project implementation
As part of the project, the following work was performed:

Market analysis: what target audience is focused on, its features, how the client positions itself in the market, due to which it builds up from competitors. Were also studied competitive sites or sites on the same subject, which are not direct competitors.
Development of concept and page layouts. The basis - the data obtained in the analysis.
Creating a site structure that allows each customer niche to get answers to their questions (selling services to different groups of users).
Semantic core preparation. Selection of keywords that will be promoted.
Preparation of content pages. Writing texts containing keywords from SJ, collecting the necessary photos and images.
Internal optimization, including technical work to improve the visibility of the site by search engines.
External optimization: use of targeting, placement functions on the map, etc.
The project team included an analyst, marketer, designer, web programmer, optimizer, SEO-specialist.

Project results
After the launch of the site on the hosting after a month of his work the following results were obtained:

daily site traffic is 1500 unique users;
sales of services through the site - 63%;
the average time spent on the resource is 13 minutes.
According to low-frequency queries, the site got into the TOP-10 already in the second month of work on promotion.

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