Поставленная задача:

  • redesign of the existing site,
  • his layout
  • creating pages
  • aimed at attracting sponsorship,
  • development of a mobile version of a web resource.

Deadlines: June-September 2018.

The Children's Charity Foundation “Anfisa” is a project that provides assistance to needy families with many children and children who find themselves in a difficult life situation.

Project implementation
To accomplish the tasks, a project worked on the project, which included a designer, marketer, programmers, optimizers, and a copywriter. They carried out the following work:

  • Analysis of the site of the Charity Fund “Anfisa”, which has been working before. As a result, strengths and weaknesses were discovered from both a technical and informational point of view.
  • Gathering information about the potential target audience, its preferences, level of trust, etc.
  • Development of several versions of concepts, their development and coordination with the customer.
  • Creating a design according to an approved concept. It took into account previously obtained information.
  • Layout of the pages, their preliminary preparation for the subsequent SEO promotion (filling in the required meta tags using the semantic core, technical setting of the required parameters).
  • The introduction of the function of transferring money directly from the site (installation of a payment system).
  • Contextual content. Preparation of texts for all sections of the portal.
  • Preparing an adaptive version for mobile devices.

Результаты реализации проекта

After the launch of the site, an analysis of the effectiveness of the work performed was carried out, which demonstrated the following results:

  • the number of visitors increased by 53%;

  • The number of financially participating in the BF projects increased by 32%.

Thanks to the launch of the updated site, the amount of assistance provided has increased, which the client sees as a positive effect from cooperation

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