Granite quarry "Krutiha"

Granite quarry "Krutiha" is engaged in the sale of rubble, its transportation through the Tyumen and Sverdlovsk regions with the help of vehicles, throughout Russia - by railway transport.

The task: to develop the company's website, prepare it for SEO-promotion for output in the TOP-3 search results for specific regions.

Project implementation
As part of the project, the following work was performed:

  • The study of competitive sites or sites on the same subject, the definition of their positive and negative sides.
  • Development of page layouts on the basis of the analysis carried out earlier analysis, including the structure.
  • Semantic core preparation. Selection of key phrases depending on the frequency of their use.
  • Writing content. Preparation of a text part containing words and phrases from SJ.
  • Internal optimization, including technical work to improve the visibility of the site by search engines.
  • Among the specialists working on the project, one can single out an analyst, a marketer, a designer, a web programmer, an optimizer.

Project results
After launching the site, the following results were obtained:

  • daily site traffic is 1367 unique users;
  • sales through the site - 45%;
  • the average time spent on the resource is 7.7 minutes.

For the B2B market, the listed results are good.

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