Online store OREGON sells garden equipment, accessories for it, working clothes with delivery in Yekaterinburg and other regions of the Russian Federation.

The task: placement of contextual advertising, complex promotion of the company in social networks.

Project implementation
To perform the tasks, the following work was carried out:

  • selection of semantic core;
  • preparation of appropriate announcements for each key phrase separately;
  • formation of an optimal budget;
  • placement and control of the effectiveness of each ad, their rotation;
  • creating profiles in social networks (the choice was made depending on the target audience), their correct filling, maintenance;
  • use of advertising opportunities of social networks - banner, targeted advertising, etc.

Project results
As a result of the work performed, it was possible to achieve the following results:

  • quick attraction of the target audience to the site for specific key requests;
  • ensuring stable traffic;
  • increasing company awareness of the target audience;

the formation of loyalty to Central Asia, which was reflected in the increase in the conversion of the site.
The task was completed in full, which was reflected in the increase in the company's sales.

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