PromStroy Group - a group of companies, which includes enterprises for the production, sale, logistics of concrete products, as well as an organization that performs construction work.

The task: to redesign the existing site, creating a structure that allows the visitor to navigate in the products and services of enterprises in the Civil Code.
Deadlines: February-April 2018

Project implementation
In the process of working on the project, the following steps were implemented:

  • Analysis of the existing resource to identify strengths and weaknesses, identify errors and shortcomings for their subsequent correction.
  • Acquaintance with the sites of competitors in order to create designs and structures that would allow to stand out against their background, to be remembered by a potential client.
  • Development of a complex structure. It includes a distinction between the main areas in which there is its own catalog with the ability to place an order, the availability of additional reference information. The pages have a landing page, filled with statistical data on the work of the company.
  • Creating a design. In developing the general concept and individual graphic elements, the corporate colors of the company and the design of competing sites are taken into account.
  • Introduction of additional functionality: site search, online chat, callback form.
  • Development and creation of the necessary graphic and text content. These include images of goods, an informative description of the cards, writing articles, etc.
  • Layout and testing of unique pages, checking their convenience for the user.

Specialists involved in the work on the project: analyst, marketer, designer, web programmer.

Project results
As a result of the work performed:

  • increased site traffic by 35%;
  • conversion increased by 55%;
  • the page penetration rate increased by 72%.

The goals set before us were achieved and even exceeded.

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