Transport company Central Trans is engaged in cargo transportation, delivering large-sized, standard, liquid and hazardous cargo throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and the countries of the Commonwealth.

The task:

website development for the company "turnkey";
promotion of the created site in search engines;
placement of contextual advertising;
use of social networks to promote the company's services.
Deadlines: May 2017.

Project implementation
The project implementation required several stages:

Site development:
Market assessment and analysis: identifying the target audience and its characteristics, searching for competitors, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their Internet resources.
Formation of the concept of a future site, development of a design layout for future pages. Because B2B market, it requires rigor in design.
Development of the structure menu. Requirements for usability were taken into account, the goal was to simplify the search for the required service to a potential client.
Creation and implementation of additional functionality - an online calculator for calculating the cost of transportation.
Development of infographics, commercial and informational content.
Creating an adaptive version for mobile phones and tablets.
SEO-promotion, contextual advertising:
The formation of the semantic core, the choice of combinations, which is carried out promotion.
Writing articles using selected key phrases and words.
Internal technical optimization: checking and correcting errors, setting up a 404 error, filling in meta tags, creating linking to website pages.
Placement of contextual advertising: the calculation and formation of the budget, the creation of advertisements, tracking their effectiveness.
creation of company profiles in social networks in which there is the greatest concentration of the target audience, their management;
creation and placement of targeted advertising;
development and placement of banners and other types of advertising.
A team was created to work on the project, which included an analyst, designer, internet marketer, web programmer, optimizers, SMM specialists, copywriters, etc.

Project results
Site statistics after the work is as follows:

stable daily traffic of at least 513 unique visitors;
conversion is 24%;
The average time spent on the resource is 9.7 minutes.
It was possible to achieve almost full load of the existing fleet.

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