CRM and Web Services Development

Automation is the inevitable path for most businesses. But if some companies have integrated universal solutions, others have to independently develop appropriate applications, online structures. Our company provides assistance in writing CRM and services from scratch, carrying out their full support.

Among our services are the creation of the following software products:

  • web applications with separate interfaces;
  • Web services used to communicate among themselves the disparate elements of the existing structure;
  • interactive solutions that facilitate the work of staff or making purchases by customers;
  • CRM-systems with complete individuality and the required functionality;
  • server applications, API applications and much more.

We offer both individual solutions created from scratch and integrated products that allow you to work, for example, online payment service within the portal, etc.

6 stages of CRM and web services development

Each of the projects involves the passage of 6 mandatory stages of development. These include:

  • Development specification. In it, the client indicates all the key parameters and requirements for the future service or engine. It is necessary to understand what software product should be in the end, what is its functionality.
  • Analysis. We study the niche in which the client works, the target audience of the company, its needs, the presence of similar software from competitors, examples of its implementation. This allows you to make an estimate of future work.
  • Creating a prototype of the future service, its functional part. To do this, use the data obtained in the previous step, which allows you to minimize possible errors and miscalculations.
  • Design development. Particular attention is paid to the user interface, its convenience. This includes buttons, corporate identity elements, icons, and other graphic elements.
  • Directly programming and service development. All concepts created earlier are implemented, the program shell is written.
  • Testing. It is used to determine the correct operation of the created software, errors are detected, and measures are being taken to eliminate them. The verification algorithm is repeated until the CRM or service demonstrates uninterrupted operation. To do this, use a series of special tests.

Only after that there is a start or introduction of software development. If necessary, our company will provide customer support.

Why is it profitable to order the development of CRM and web services in our company?

Not always apply ready-made solutions - the best option. We offer the creation of even small services for any business or start-ups. The following factors speak in favor of cooperation with us:

  • We have created a team of diverse specialists, which allows us to thoroughly work out every project.
  • The portfolio includes a number of successfully implemented projects, which confirms the competence of our company.
  • Using Ruby, PHP, NodeJS, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, frameworks Angular, React, Yii, Laravel, Ruby on Rails. This allows you to choose the best option for any development.
  • We provide documents on intellectual property; we do not use solutions for which one client paid to attract other clients.

All processes and algorithms are debugged, the client can receive a report on the stages of the work carried out weekly.

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