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The general and mass computerization of any, even small, business requires maintaining the system in working condition. Therefore, before the owners there is a choice: to hire employees or to give this non-core direction to outsourcing. The obvious advantages of the second step lead to the fact that more and more clients turn to our company, choosing a professional service.

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4 reasons to choose IT outsourcing

Outsourcing should be assessed according to 2 key factors: personnel and costs. When making a decision, you should understand that our company employs specialists with extensive experience and knowledge. When servicing an object, the client gets access to the whole team at once. And when forming his own state, he is forced to look for employees who will meet all the qualification requirements.

This implies the next key factor - cost reduction. To maintain full-time employees, it is necessary to invest in the organization of the workplace, the purchase of appropriate equipment. Also required to pay monthly wages. At the same time, an outsourcing contract costs, on average, as the salary of one specialist, which is much more profitable for the customer.

In connection with the above, the following advantages of IT outsourcing services can be identified:

  • The high level of service provided by IT professionals.
  • Maintenance of the system. Regular preventive measures significantly reduce the likelihood of failure of its elements. In the event of emergency situations, the problem is solved as soon as possible remotely or with the help of masters to the site.
  • Quick changes to installed software. We have specialists of different profiles, so, if necessary, they will develop and implement updates, add-ons, new features, etc.
  • Finance savings to optimize the cost of the company. The released resources can be invested in the development of the main business.

Why choose us?

Our company is not the first year on the IT services market, during which time we have formed a qualified team of specialists. This allows us to provide each client with such a set:

  • The system is discussed simultaneously by several experts, among whom are programmers and testers. They virtually eliminate the occurrence of failures.
  • We prevent the company from stopping due to malfunctioning or non-functioning software.
  • Transparent pricing. The cost of work depends on the size of the serviced system. Before the start of cooperation, an agreement is signed in which all activities included in the maintenance package are signed.

Also, our developers will be able to prepare additional software (if the customer has such a need), to introduce it. We can also audit the existing IT structure, prepare recommendations for its improvement.

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