Sale of computer equipment

Without a computer, it’s hard to imagine not only any office, a schoolchild, or a student also need a computer or laptop, because they are safely included in the everyday life of almost everyone. We are selling computer equipment, meeting the needs of large companies and private users.

What do we offer to customers?

Our assortment includes a large selection of entry-level computers for complex computing, business tasks, server rooms. Conventionally, they can be divided into the following categories:

  • Classic system blocks, complete with all the necessary elements. They may have completely different internal content, depending on the tasks performed. We have from compact PCs to large blocks with several hard drives, video cards that perform a significant number of complex operations.
  • Nettops - ultra-thin blocks that use modern technological components. They are able to fit behind the monitor, so they are often used at home in a small space, as well as in some offices.
  • Monoblocks. They combine the functions of a monitor and a system unit, they look quite stylish, while performing tasks of medium complexity. This is a classic office option.
  • Laptops. In the catalog you can find not only standard laptops, but also ultrabooks for business, transformers for modern advanced users, game models for avid gamers, as well as netbooks that are suitable for schoolchildren and students.

4 reasons to buy computer equipment from us

Our company provides a wide range of various IT services: development and promotion of sites, creation of applications for process automation, and work on outsourcing the IT areas of customer companies. Therefore, buying equipment for home or office computerization, customers receive:

  • Consultation on the optimal choice of parameters and characteristics of a particular type of equipment. We will take into account the complexity of the tasks that need to be performed using a computer.
  • We assist in the development of computerization schemes and the selection of appropriate equipment for them.
  • We work for the result, and not just to sell, so we offer the best ratio of price and quality, and not something that is as expensive as possible.
  • We offer complete solutions, including some types of software.

To get advice, contact our managers in a convenient way. We work only officially, providing guarantees for all equipment. We do not have fakes!

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