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Any site can not exist without the appropriate technical support, because if you let the process take its course, the web resource will not work properly. Specialists of our company perform the following types of work:

  • monthly subscription service;
  • performance of single works on restoration of normal working capacity;
  • completion of the menu structure, making other changes.
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Types of site support

The site is a complex object that requires comprehensive support - the only way to achieve its optimal uninterrupted operation. Among the types of such support include:

  • Technical. It provides for the creation of backups, protection against unauthorized access by third parties, correction of errors that occur, which leads to a decrease in the speed of loading pages, etc. It also allows you to respond in time to changes in search engine algorithms, adapting the resource for innovations.
  • Informational. This includes work related to the replacement of textual information, posting articles, news, filling in new sections, entering data into the product card, updating photos, etc.
  • Marketing. This is a complex that allows you to carry out website promotion in search engines, increasing traffic, attendance by target customers and, as a result, increase conversion and the level of sales of goods and services.

How is the price of support and refinement of the site?

Each resource is individual not only in terms of design or functionality, so the cost of the work is formed separately, depending on such factors:


  • The time that the specialist spends on the preparation and introduction of information or changes. For the openness of cost estimates, a list of standard works and their pricing is provided. If the client needs to perform an event that is not in the general price list, it is discussed additionally.
  • The volume of the made improvements, for example, the size of the prepared texts, the placed photos, etc.
  • The frequency of changes, which is especially important for online stores, constantly replenishing the range, news portals. For some customers, regular updates are important, which is especially important when promoting a website, other web resources are less dynamic.
  • The complexity of the improvements used for this technology. This may involve creating a new section, filling out a form, a button for switching to another page or performing another targeted action. As a rule, it is ordered not often, but it requires the appropriate qualification of different specialists.
  • In our company, you can order both subscription services and the performance of one-time work as needed.

4 benefits of working with us

Work on support and refinement require the involvement of various specialists, so giving them to an IT staff member or secretary is not the best way to resolve issues. Optimally contact a specialized company, which provides a full range of services. The following factors speak in favor of working with us:

  1. Paying for the work of support and revision, the client gets access to a working group consisting of designers, marketers, copywriters, optimizers, programmers, etc.
  2. Transparent pricing, fixed in the contract. Before the start of cooperation, an addendum is drawn up in which all key points are indicated.
  3. Implementation of tasks of any complexity. We perform both simple work on a regular basis, and make nonstandard changes and improvements.
  4. Our company is focused on results, so we are doing everything to ensure that the website we support works smoothly, is relevant and useful.

We work both with the web resources created in "Sitis", and with developments of other companies.

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