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A site is an essential tool for doing business on the Internet, with its help you can effectively sell products and services. But for this, it is not enough just to launch “some kind of” resource, it should stand out from the competitors, give exhaustive answers to the requests of potential customers, have the appropriate functionality.

Work on creating a high-quality website includes the collection and analysis of primary information, the development of design and functionality, the preparation of the contextual part and much more. For this reason, a team of specialists is working on the project, not just one programmer.

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Stages of development and creation of sites

Website creation is a multi-step process that includes:

  • research and information gathering;
  • design work;
  • development of key elements and their testing;
  • launching a project on a hosting;
  • resource support.

Each stage follows the previous one, for which marketing specialists, designers, developers, programmers, optimizers, copywriters and others are involved. Even with the use of existing free templates on individual engines, one cannot do without most of the steps - they provide the efficiency of the future resource.

Research and information gathering

The preliminary stage is one of the most important, because it depends on how the future site will look and work, its functionality and success. These include such events:

Analysis of competing sites, allowing you to make a list of benefits. With their help there is a detuning from competitors.
Collect information about the client's wishes regarding design and functions. The future concept, objectives and other background information are also compiled and approved.
Obtaining data about the target audience, requests used to search for thematic information, etc.

Design work

This stage involves the following work:

filling out technical specifications;
development and coordination of page design (general concept);
defining the structure, menu items necessary to connect the elements, for example, visitor counters.
Depending on the direction of the company’s activities, the required functionality and some other parameters, the engine is selected on which the future web resource will work.


Development of key elements and their testing

After the approval of all the components required for creating the site, the specialists will start developing them. Work is underway on web design, writing texts that include words and phrases from the semantic core and much more, which will simplify SEO promotion. After the layout, the operability and accuracy of the components used are checked.


At this stage, the client can control the implementation - the developed web resource is located on the platform of our company.


Run on hosting, follow-up support

After agreeing with the client on the correct operation of all pages, written texts and other things, the site is hosted. We will help you choose a contractor, as well as buy the appropriate domain name.


Passwords for administration are transferred to the customer. If a contract is concluded for subsequent maintenance or promotion, they also remain with our performers.


The advantages of developing the site by our specialists

Each project is supported by a team of specialists who have significant experience in implementing successful web resource development projects. We like to work on complex projects, but also a simple online business card runs with the same dedication. Among our services is also the creation of adaptive versions running on operating systems of mobile devices.


We offer the best prices, which depend on the complexity of the project. For cost estimates contact our managers. We create uniqueness that helps sell!

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