Social networks are one of the most dynamically developing channels for the promotion of goods and services. With their help, you can build loyalty, promote brands, deal with negative, directly communicate with the target audience. But for this it is not enough to entrust the staff member with account maintenance.

Almost all social networks offer free and paid promotion methods for businesses. Among them are:

  • creating a company profile;
  • placement of posts of information or advertising content;
  • holding promotions for other network users;
  • the use of targeted advertising and much more.

Unlike other promotion channels, SMM should be dealt with regularly, and for this you need a regular person (or rather several, because you need to write texts, prepare schedules, develop stocks, etc.). For this reason, the best solution is to contact our company.

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Preliminary stages of promotion in social networks

It should be understood that SMM in most cases is not a one-time, but a long-term project, but, in any case, its effectiveness depends on proper planning, choosing a strategy and following it. The key steps are:

  • Identify the target audience. The more accurate its description for different groups of signs, the more effective the promotion. This will allow you to create a content plan, find what exactly is important for Central Asia, what language to speak with it.
  • The choice of social networks on which to focus efforts. Our practice shows that blindly trusting stereotypes is not worth it. Some niche groups are in uncharacteristic social networks.
  • Campaign Goals Before the start of the promotion, it is necessary to clearly formulate what results should be achieved. It is desirable that they have a quantitative measurement, for example, to increase site traffic by 30%, to achieve monthly sales volumes of 1 million rubles. etc. This will allow to evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented measures.
  • Budgeting. This may include payment for services for maintaining a profile, preparing a content plan, creating unique images, targeted advertising, etc. Their list depends on specific goals.

Features of the development of SMM-strategy

After the preparatory stages, it is important to develop a strategy and develop a content plan. You need to understand that in order to constantly keep the attention of subscribers, get likes from them, increase coverage, go to the site and other actions, it is required to regularly post new posts, to carry out promotional activities.

It is important to pay attention to the content to make it interesting, informational, useful for the reader. That is what will allow to minimize the problems associated with information noise, to stand out from the competition. Therefore, you should follow these recommendations:

  • use catchy headers;
  • write text in simple, easy language, if acceptable, use humor;
  • talk to the reader, use a call to action, ask questions for discussion;
  • use hashtags;
  • use only unique photos or pictures that can generate interest, they must be of high quality.

Why choose us?

Our company has extensive SMM experience, the necessary resources for effective work. Our team includes experienced targetologists, marketers, copywriters, designers, programmers, analysts and other specialists who know how to achieve results and set goals.

Each program is developed individually, taking into account related factors: field of activity, type of market, activity of competitors, features of the target audience. We constantly analyze intermediate results, make adjustments. If you want to effectively promote your company in social networks, contact us for help!

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